Facebook’s Mobile Strategy

January 8, 2013

After Facebook’s historic IPO in May, the social giant’s stock surprisingly lost almost half its value.  GbBIS takes a look at how Facebook will be focusing on mobile in 2013 in an effort to once again boost its stock value. 


Everyone knew that Facebook’s May IPO would bring about big changes for the company.  But no one thought those changes would include a plummeting stock value.  Prior to the public offering, Facebook’s stock was comfortably above $30 a share.  In August, it dipped to a record low: under $20 a share. 


The dip in stock value came about after investors became anxious over the social network’s ability to make money from mobile advertising.  But Facebook has ensured investors that 2013 will be the year that its focus shifts to mobile.


Image via wikimedia.org

Facebook is making efforts to target its 1 billion global users on smartphone devices and tablets.  The social media giant’s engineering team is designing new apps and interfaces for mobile first, with PC versions to follow later.


Monetizing mobile has become a challenge for many businesses.  Mobile advertisements comprised 14% of Facebook’s $1.09 billion in total ad revenue in the third-quarter and the company made roughly $3 million a day from ads shown in its mobile News Feed.  The mobile market is huge and finding ways to attract customers to your mobile website or to click on your mobile ads is a high priority for many companies.


GbBIS Mobile Locator

Make 2013 the year that you put mobile on the top of your to-do list.  You can start by integrating a mobile locator application into your business website.  If you own multiple stores, a mobile locator application will give smartphone users an efficient way to locate the nearest store to them.  A mobile locator app can help bring more customers into your stores and increase sales.


GbBIS offers an easy-to-use Mobile Locator application with cross-platform accessibility, custom design, and the most accurate location data available.


Contact GbBIS today.  Our mobile locator can help increase customer traffic to your stores



Businesses that Cater to a Specific Demographic: Celebrities

January 7, 2013

Many businesses benefit from improved brand awareness and visibility when they have a high-profile customer base.  GbBIS takes a look at businesses that are likely to attract celebrities and other high-profile clientele.  


Check in next week to see which businesses we will be highlighting in our series


Image via chron.com

Do you want to operate a business that caters to the glamorous, exotic, and interesting lifestyles of celebrities?  Try starting a business in one of these industries…



If you want your business to attract high-profile customers, the hospitality industry is where it’s at.  High end restaurants, hotels, and social events can attract celebrities from all across the globe.  Top hotels in major cities or tourist sites often provide suites with butler service and a host of features attractive to celebrity tastes.


Image via wikimedia.org

Public Relations

Publicists and PR firms target high-profile customers looking to improve their public image.  Celebrity clients can boost the image and visibility of your PR firm.



It’s well known that celebrities like to travel in comfort.  Airports like LAX and O’Hare offer special security lines and priority seating on planes before other passengers.  To attract celebrities to your limo service, travel agency, or cruise line, offer a combination of luxury and style.


There are thousands of businesses that cater to the needs of celebrities and other high-profile customers.  Targeting a specific market or demographic—whether it is celebrities, Baby Boomers, or pet owners—is a beneficial strategy that can focus your business and improve ROI.


No matter what market or demographic your business targets, every good target marketing strategy starts with the right data.  GbBIS offers the highest quality, most up-to-date demographic data for anywhere in the US.  Use our demographic data to find customers for your business, focus marketing, and target the people most likely to buy your products.


Contact GbBIS today.  We can help you develop the right target marketing strategy for your business



How To Succeed in Any Economy

January 4, 2013

The ‘fiscal cliff’ has been averted, but what does this mean for the future of our country?  Where is our economy headed?  GbBIS gives you tips to help your business succeed in times of uncertainty. 


Business Location Maps

Tip 1 – Learn to rely on yourself

While networking and relationship building are valuable for your business, they will not save you in a downturned economy.  You cannot rely on others for your success and you cannot blame others for your failures.  Your destiny is up to you.  Learn to be self reliant so that, even if your strategic relationships and networks disappear, your business can still run efficiently.


Tip 2 – Assume the worst

If the economy starts heading south, you should be alert and ready to react.  Assume the economy won’t improve and restructure your business so it can run effectively during harsh times.  When the economy improves, you will have learned valuable lessons about your employees and about your business.


Image via wikimedia.org

Tip 3 – Be more active

A downturned economy can be disheartening.  It can mean lower sales, less motivated employees, and lower morale.  Encourage your employees to be more active.  Instead of making 3 or 4 sales calls a day, make 30 or 40.  Being more active will generate more results and show you which employees are worth investing in.


Running a business is difficult, and a downturned economy only increases stress and the need for better management.  If you’d like to find ways to succeed in any economy, contact GbBIS.  We offer a comprehensive collection of geography-based business solutions.  Our custom maps, mapping databases, web applications, and reports can help you improve many areas of your business.  Our products help you target direct mail, evaluate business sites, GeoCode customer locations, assess markets, and much more.


Contact GbBIS today.  We provide you with the geography-based tools you need to find success



2012 in Review: Commercial Real Estate

January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!  Now that 2013 is underway, GbBIS takes a look back and reviews 2012’s commercial real estate market.  What worked, what didn’t, and where is the market headed?


Image via wikimedia.org

At the end of 2011, there was a lot of commercial real estate activity, leading brokers to predict a market surge in 2012.  While we saw a great number of businesses buying and selling real estate in the beginning of 2012, the year mellowed out and ended in what brokers referred to as “more of the same.”


The main issue that brought the commercial real estate market down was unemployment.  With so many people out of work, many retail, office and industrial spaces had record numbers of vacancies.  Brokers who expected a good real estate year in 2012 are now hesitant about making predictions for the 2013 market.


Nevertheless, there were some positives in 2012.  While unemployment was high, the US population grew and construction on new homes and commercial centers increased in multiple cities across the country.  Retail sales were also strong, especially around the 2012 holiday season. 


It has been a tough year (many would say a tough decade, even) for the commercial real estate market, but many are hopeful.  Brokers think demographic shifts, as well as higher employment rates could lead to more businesses buying retail, office, and industrial real estate.


If you own a piece of commercial real estate, or if you are looking to buy, you need to know what features contribute to the value of your business site.  Demographics, streets and highways, competition in the area—these things all determine how attractive a business site is.


GbBIS offers a comprehensive collection of geography-based tools to help you evaluate any site.  Our products help you visualize those things that affect the value and appeal of your business.  We can  evaluate your location and even provide you with a market potential score.


Contact GbBIS today.  We can help you select better locations for your business



Top Ten Posts of 2012

January 2, 2013

Make sure you didn’t miss anything! Take a look with GbBIS at the top ten blog posts of the past year.

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3. Business that Cater to a Specific Demographic: Baby Boomers


2. Target Marketing Basics


And our most popular post of 2012:

1. Obama Uses Demographics to Target his Political Message

It’s clear that readers are interested in how demographics help you target the right markets. GbBIS offers the highest quality, most up-to-date demographic data for anywhere in the US. Use our demographic data to find new customers, create customer profiles, and target the people most likely to buy your products.

Contact GbBIS today.  We can help you develop the right target marketing strategy for your business

Businesses that Cater to a Specific Demographic: Pet Owners

December 31, 2012

Some people go above and beyond for their pets, paying exuberant sums for their food, health care, and even clothing.  GbBIS takes a look at businesses that cater to the needs of pampered puppies—as well as their devoted owners.    


Check in next week to see which businesses we will be highlighting in our series


Image via wikimedia.org

It used to be that a generic brand of canned dog food would suffice as a decent meal for any K-9.  But times have changed.  In downtown Ayer, Massachusetts, the Pooch Barkery serves up cinnamon rolls, peanut butter cups, and mini chocolate cookies for puppies with more refined pallets. 


Owner Mary Kelly, who spends hours in front of an oven every day, bakes her treats with doggy-tastes in mind.  If you bite into the yogurt-covered, sprinkled pretzels, you’ll taste garlic and chicken. The donuts—cheddar and bacon.


The Pooch Barkery is part of a successful group of Massachusetts K-9 bakeries, including Polka Dog Bakery, Paws & Whiskers, Best Friends Bakery, and many others.  Despite the downturned economy, the pet market is fruitful.  Devoted pet owners spent more than $40 billion last year on food, vet care, and pet supplies. 


The number of businesses catering to indulgent pet owners is astonishing.  From faux mink coats for chilly outings, to doggy dancing lessons, the market for pet owners is hotter than ever.


Location-Based Web Applications

If your business targets a specific demographic or population segment, use the highest quality demographic data to better focus marketing efforts.  GbBIS offers the highest quality, most up-to-date demographic data for anywhere in the US.  Use our demographic data to find customers for your business, create customer profiles, and target the people most likely to buy your products.


Contact GbBIS today.  We can help you develop the right target marketing strategy for your business



New Year’s Resolutions To Improve Your Small Business

December 28, 2012

The New Year is a time to set goals and create resolutions.  GbBIS gives you some New Year’s resolutions to improve your small business. 


Custom San Diego Map

As a small business, you know how hard it can be to compete with larger companies.  But what you can offer your customers that the bigger guys can’t is a personal touch.  You can engage with your customers on a personal level, something bigger companies continually struggle to do.  Want a New Year’s resolution for your small business?  How about going small. 


Going small means having a small business mindset.  Many small businesses make it their goal to expand, but if you want your customers to support the idea of a ‘small business,’ you may have to downsize instead.


Mobile Locator Application

Go mobile this year.  Mobile devices are slated to replace computers within the next few years.  Make sure your business is prepared for the ever-growing number of mobile users.  Make 2013 the year you optimize your search marketing, email marketing and website to focus on the growing mobile community.


Connect with the local community.  Customers are constantly looking for the best local places and the best local deals.  Look at demographic data to find your target audience and determine their needs.  Market yourself locally and make your presence in the community known.


Image via Wikimedia.org

To help you manage your business and set goals in 2013, try using geography-based solutions.  Products like custom maps, demographic data, and web applications can help you manage the impact of geography, locations, and demographics on your business.


GbBIS offers geography-based solutions for businesses in virtually any industry.  We can help you connect with your customers on their mobile devices with our Mobile Locator web application.  We also provide demographic data, custom maps, mapping databases, and GeoCoding services to businesses throughout the US and worldwide.


Contact GbBIS today.  We can help you make 2013 a great year for your business




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