GIS Day is held the third Wednesday in November every year. It takes place during Geography Awareness Week, a geographic literacy initiative sponsored by the National Geographic Society. In honor of GIS Day, we at GbBIS would like to introduce you to some of our advanced geographic analysis tools.

At GbBIS we offer a range of GIS products to enhance business performance. We offer three geographic web application packages that can be mixed and matched into one program that has everything, and only the things, you need. We mold our GIS capabilities to fit every business’s needs and budget.

360FranTerra begins with an understanding of your business and what factors contribute to successful franchise territories. Territory Profiling correlates performance with hundreds of demographic, transportation and competitive factors to select criteria which can be used to create a Model for Territory Success.

20/20iSite is a highly intuitive, interactive application for discovering the relationships between customers, competitors, market potential, trade areas, sites and more. Visual representation of complex spatial relationships such as transportation, proximity, competitors, and stores helps transition discovery into understanding. The understanding of these geographical influences on your territories, markets and sites secures the best ROI for your business.

MarketMentor is a customizable market area analysis tool that helps you to analyze, optimize and grow your markets, territories and locations. This web application allows you to study profiles, market demographics, void analysis, competitive threats and other factors that impact your market area. MarketMentor enables you to take this detailed view and understanding to grow current markets and identify new ones.

Visit our site or give us a call and our experts will tailor your GIS application. 1-877-447-6277


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