Google Maps Makes Its Way Back to the iPhone

Google Maps is coming to an iPhone near you!  GbBIS takes a look at the newest Google Maps iPhone app and its ensuing controversy. 



It was only a few months ago that Apple decided to unveil its newest mapping application for the iOS operating system.  This decision resulted in a string of controversies regarding the flawed design of Apple’s maps, as well as the exclusion of the more popular Google Maps application from the operating system.


Before the latest incarnation of the iOS operating system, Apple used Google Maps to power its built-in navigation system.  After gathering and refining its own geographic data, however, Apple replaced Google Maps with its own map app earlier this year.  But their data wasn’t refined enough, leading Apple CEO Tim Cook to issue a public apology over the inaccurate location data and incomplete street details in Apple’s maps.


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But all you Google Maps users can rest assured as Google Maps makes its way back to the iPhone.  Earlier this month, Google Maps released its iPhone app, allowing iPhone users to once again have the options, features, and accuracy of Google Maps at their fingertips.


Google is hailing its new iPhone app as a major improvement from the one evicted by Apple.  It offers street-level photography of local neighborhoods, business locations, and 3D views.  The free app is expected to be one of the hottest commodities in Apple’s App Store.


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