Turn Holiday Customers into Year Round Customers

The holidays can bring about massive sales for retailers.  But the big challenge is converting holiday customers into loyal, year-round shoppers.  GbBIS gives you some tips on how to keep your holiday customers coming back. 


Image via ourtownsylvania.com

Create a Great In-Store Experience

The holidays can be a hectic time for any retail store.  Take a hint from Griffin Ace Hardware, a Southern California hardware store that hired extra staff to ensure adequate attention on the floor and minimal waiting time at checkout during the holidays.  Recognizing that your customers are in a rush will help you make their in-store experience easy and memorable.


Image via booweekley.com

Exceed Customer Expectations

Retaining customers has a lot to do with exceeding their expectations.  Including free gifts with orders is a great way to make your customers feel appreciated.  One ecommerce site even shortened its shipping time to exceed customer expectations—their website says their deliveries take 4 business days, but in reality most orders reach their destination within 1 or 2 business days.


GbBIS Direct Mail Management

Stay in Touch

For many businesses, the holiday season accounts for 40-50% of annual sales.  Use this increase in foot traffic to collect as much customer information as possible.  Ask your customers for their emails, street addresses, birth dates, and more.  You can send out birthday cards to your customers and offer them special discounts.  When the holidays end, it is important to remind customers that you are still there.


Transforming your holiday customers into year round customers requires planning and organization.  GbBIS helps you create consumer mailing lists, target direct mail, and evaluate customer demographics.  Use our Direct Mail Management web application to help organize customer information and keep in touch with your most valuable clients.


Contact GbBIS today.  We can help you find ways of turning holiday customers into year round shoppers




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