A New Congress And New Congressional Districts

January 3, 2013: mark the date on your calendar.  That is when the 113th US Congress meets for the first time.  GbBIS looks at some of the new additions to the House and Senate.  We’ll also take a look at some of the difficulties involved in navigating congressional maps


Congressional District Map

The votes have been cast and the newest US congress has been elected.  This January, after recovering from a heated election season, the 113th Congress of the United States of America will meet on Capital Hill.


Image via newstimes.com

The 113th congress is quite a diverse bunch.  There are a record number of women (100) in the Senate and the House of Representatives, as well as a large number of minorities.  Voters in the state of Hawaii elected two Asian-Americans to the Senate while the rest of the continental US elected a record number of Latino and African-American representatives.  There is even a member of the Kennedy family returning back to public office.


For many candidates, navigating the elections was a simple task.  But for other candidates, it was a completely different story.  This year’s elections were the first to use the congressional districts that were apportioned based on 2010 census data.  District lines throughout the country were redrawn, resulting in candidates of the same political party facing off against each other, incumbents running unopposed, and other oddities.


Image via abcnews.com

And while candidates may have had a difficult time dealing with their new congressional districts, voters were even more lost.  Redrawn district lines resulted in many voters having to drive up to 30 miles to cast their vote.


Congressional district maps help voters, candidates, and many others navigate the elusive political landscape.  Businesses also use congressional district maps to target customers and focus marketing.  Since congressional districts are based on US census data, they often represent homogeneous areas with shared demographic traits.


Ohio Congressional District Map

If you’re looking for the most accurate, up-to-date congressional district maps, contact GbBIS.  For over 25 years, GbBIS has been providing political maps to businesses throughout the US, helping them make informed and efficient decisions.  We offer political data in the format that you need—maps, web applications, and mapping databases.


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