Better Analyze Customers and Locations With GeoCoding

‘GeoCoding’ has made its way into the lexicon of buzzwords associated with spatial analysis and risk management.  But GeoCoding delivers real benefits to a wide range of businesses.  GbBIS takes a look. 


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GeoCoding provides exact location information to businesses that maintain address databases.  What GeoCoding does is turn raw address data into exact locations on a map, providing the exact longitude and latitude for each location.


GeoCoding helps retail and government sectors measure the density of populations or the density of customers in specific areas.  Looking at customer density, retail businesses can plan out new store locations based on the size of their customer base.  This provides convenience to their customers and more foot traffic into their stores.


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Another practical application for GeoCoding is to help insurance companies evaluate risk.  Overlaying customer addresses with crime and flood maps helps insurers accurately assess the risk of a particular location.


GeoCoding also helps businesses create efficient delivery networks and optimize delivery routes.  GeoCoding plots exact address locations onto maps, allowing businesses to plan the most efficient route for each vehicle.  GeoCoded delivery routes minimize driver mistakes, save fuel and time, and improve customer service.


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GeoCoding can help you plan deliveries, assess risk, conduct spatial analysis, improve customer service, and much more.  If you need a way to accurately visualize any locations, contact GbBIS.  We provide the most accurate GeoCoding services.  Whether you need a map of your customer locations, an interactive GeoCoding web application, or a report of longitude and latitudes, GbBIS can meet all your GeoCoding needs.


Contact GbBIS today.  Our accurate GeoCoding services help you manage the areas of your business affected by location.


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