Holiday Mail Checklist

If you still haven’t sent holiday mail out to your customers, what are you waiting for?  GbBIS gives you a holiday direct mail checklist. 


Direct Mail Management Web Application

Direct mail is a great way to communicate with your customers.  It builds loyalty among existing customers, nurtures your prospects, and reinforces your brand.  Take advantage of the effectiveness of direct mail this holiday season and mail your special holiday offers directly to your customers’ homes.  Here’s a great checklist to follow to make sure your holiday direct mail campaign is successful.


1. Determine the Goals of Your Direct Mail Campaign

Are you looking to build customer loyalty or brand awareness, or are you looking to nurture your prospects?  What is your budget and how will your sales force be involved?


Business Mailing List

2. Make Your List

Who are you going to mail to: current customers or prospects?  Which geographic areas are you going to target?  Create or purchase a mailing list based on your needs.


3. Sculpt the Message for Your Direct Mail

Determine how your message will align with your brand.  Will each recipient on your mailing list receive the same message or will you tailor your message to customer demographics, geography, position in sales funnel, etc.?


4. State the Benefits

Will you provide a coupon or special offer with your direct mail?  How will you measure the success of your direct mail campaign?


Carrier Route Map

Answering these questions will set the framework for a great holiday direct mail campaign.  If you need help along the way, contact GbBIS.  We maintain the most up-to-date business and consumer mailing lists, and offer web applications to help you manage your direct mail.  If you need to target neighborhoods, analyze demographics, or create mailing lists, GbBIS can help.


Contact GbBIS today.  Our maps, data, and web applications will help you create targeted direct mail campaigns



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