The Most Successful Retail Store Locations

If you are measuring sales-per-square-foot, than these business locations are some of the most profitable in the country.  GbBIS looks at the most successful retail store locations in America. 


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Your location is vital to the success of your business.  If your location is close to your target market, visible to customers, and surrounded by complimentary businesses, you will do great.  But having a prime location doesn’t mean much if you aren’t making the most out of your business real estate.  Here are a few companies that have maximized the potential of their business locations—i.e., the most sales-per-square-foot.


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Apple’s retail stores are relatively new.  Its first store opened in 2001. Over the years, Apple has quickly rose to the top, becoming the most successful retail location in the country.  Throughout its 372 stores, its average sales-per-square-foot is $6,050. 


Tiffany & Co.

Diamonds are pricey, so it’s no surprise that Tiffany’s store locations have some of the highest sales-per-square-foot in the country—$3,017.  Tiffany has 260 stores throughout the states, and due to its ongoing success it plans to open 9 more within the next year.


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True Religion

The high-end apparel retailer has 116 stores in the US and distribution centers in 50 countries.  Its average sales-per-square-foot is $1,227.  Although True Religion’s profits have been down the last few years, its revenues are still in the range of about $400 million annually.

Vera Bradley

This maker and retailer of “stylish and functional” accessories for women has only 12 retail locations and 2 outlet stores in the US.  But it makes its limited business real estate count.  Its average sales-per-square-foot: $1,186. 


Sales Territory Web Application

Having a successful retail store is a combination of offering the right products and finding the best business site.  GbBIS offers a comprehensive collection of tools to help you select and visualize business locations.  We offer the highest quality business location maps.  We also provide web applications and databases to help you analyze customer demographics and view competitor locations in the area.


Contact GbBIS today.  We help you evaluate and select better business sites



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