US Census Shows How Consumers Define Themselves

How can you learn more about your customers this holiday season?  GbBIS shows you how Census data reveals valuable information about the ways consumers define themselves. 


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The 2010 Census allowed consumers to define themselves in many ways.  They could specify their income level, their household size, and for the first time, they could define themselves as multiracial.  Looking strictly at the numbers, multiracial individuals are growing faster than single-race individuals—32% to 9.2%.


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But going beyond raw data, these Census numbers indicate that perhaps people are becoming more accepting of racial and ethnic identity.  “There’s been more education about what race and ethnicity constitute,” explains Matthew Lee, a psychology professor at James Madison University, “so more people are more comfortable in applying the terminology.”


The areas where most multiracial individuals lived in 2010 included urban areas like Los Angeles, New York, and Houston.


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Consumers are defining themselves in new and complex ways.  And along with these new definitions, their needs are changing as well.  Using Census data, you can learn more about your customers’ ages, household sizes, income levels…The more you understand about how your customers define themselves, the better able you are to meet their needs.


GbBIS offers the most accurate, up-to-date Census data and geographies.  Create Census maps displaying the Block Groups and Census Tracts around your store, and use Census reports to give you valuable insights into the demographic makeup of your customers.


Contact GbBIS Today.  Our Census data can help you better cater to your customers’ needs



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