Keep Your Seasonal Franchise Going Year-Round

Snow-cones in December?  Christmas lights in July?  GbBIS shows you how you can keep your seasonal franchise going year-round. 


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Building Connections

Tony Lamb was struggling to find ways to expand his business; a shaved ice franchise can only go so far during the cold winter months.  When he started his Kona Ice mobile franchise in 2008, he quickly realized that driving around neighborhoods looking for customers wasn’t the most efficient use of his resources.


Lamb began partnering his business with local schools, sports teams, and fundraising events.  As franchisees developed relationships with community groups, clients began asking for ways to partner with the company, even when its trucks were buried to their rims in snow.


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“Through all that fundraising, we build great relationships, and schools count on it. In fact, we’ve given back $5.8 million to community groups,” Lamb says. “During the winter there are swim meets, band competitions and other indoor sports. And the need for school fundraising never stops.”


Expanding Opportunities

Christmas lighting franchises don’t see much business during the summer months.  Christmas Décor is a Lubbock, Texas-based franchise that grew tired of laying off its lighting technicians in the summer and rehiring in the winter.  So, Christmas Décor launched a separate franchise, Nite Time, which installs home and architectural lighting.


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Gary Fouts, a Christmas Décor franchisee, welcomes the change. “I can keep my salespeople all year, so they’re not relearning the sales methods again each October,” he says. “Any landscape lighting we do, we try to hit [the customer] up for Christmas lighting, too.”

A seasonal franchise doesn’t have to shut down during its off-season.  You can find new and innovative ways to expand your franchise this winter.  GbBIS offers a comprehensive collection of franchise management tools.  Use our Franchise Territory Management web application to design and better manage your franchise territories.  We also offer the most accurate, up-to-date demographic data to help you locate new customers and find new opportunities for your franchise.


Contact GbBIS today.  Our franchise management tools can help you expand your business



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