Trouble Ahead For Cracker Jack’s New Caffeinated Snack

Cracker Jack has put a new twist on its traditional snack food product.  But its marketing and advertising campaigns have raised some concerns among consumer groups.  GbBIS takes a look. 


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Frito-Lay is set to release a new version of its 105-year-old snack food.  The product will be called Cracker Jack’D and many of its flavors will contain caffeine.  This has caused consumer watchdog group, The Center for Science in the Public Interest, to be up in arms.


The Center for Science in the Public Interest claims that the FDA only considers additive caffeine safe for cola-type beverages if they contain 0.02 percent.  The FDA has no such standards for snacks and other products, making the caffeinated Cracker Jacks unsafe and illegal.


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With so much of Cracker Jack’s advertising and marketing geared toward younger people, the CSPI is concerned that caffeinated snack foods like these will lead to serious problems for children.  Caffeine consumption has already been linked to anxiety, restlessness, irritability, excitability, and insomnia.


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Caffeine consumption by children is universally discouraged.  But, whether or not the FDA will agree with the CSPI that caffeinated snack foods are in fact illegal remains to be seen.


Because its target audience is children, Cracker Jack’s new product is being met with heavy criticism.  This may lead to the new Cracker Jack’D line being shelved completely.  Knowing your target market is beneficial, but you have to release products that are appropriate for your target customers.  Providing caffeine snacks to children…maybe not the best idea.


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