How Can a More Positive America Benefit Your Business?

According to the latest polls, US consumers are more confident about the economy than they have been in a long time.  This improved attitude can greatly benefit your business.  GbBIS takes a look at what has lead to a more positive America. 


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America’s confidence is back.  The Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan preliminary consumer sentiment index rose to 84.9, the fourth straight increase and the highest since July 2007, from 82.6 in October.  This means consumers are more positive about the economy than have been in the last 5 years.


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More Confidence = More Spending

Maybe it’s the shrinking unemployment numbers.  Maybe it’s the decline in gasoline prices or the slight rise in Stock Market numbers and home values.  Whatever the cause, consumers are starting to spend again.  This was obvious during the Thanksgiving weekend: according to The National Retail Federation, sales over the Thanksgiving weekend rose by about 12.8% from last year.


This confidence boost comes at just the right time, as retailers and other businesses prepare for the busy holiday season.  Companies like Kohl’s and Target hope that more optimism lays the foundation for bigger cash receipts. 


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Connect With Your Confident Customer Base

Your business could certainly benefit from customers that are more willing to spend.  Try a new marketing campaign this holiday season to appeal to more confident consumers.  Advertise special offers using direct mail, email, and social media; if consumers are more willing to spend, it’s your job to convince them to spend on YOUR products.


Contact GbBIS to help you plan better marketing and direct mail campaigns this holiday season.  GbBIS offers a comprehensive collection of tools for direct mail management, including our Direct Mail Management web application.



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