Building Better Digital Maps

The task of collecting data and making maps is never finished.  Companies like Apple and Google have been collecting map data for years and still have not managed to create the perfect map.  GbBIS looks at what it takes to create high-quality digital maps. 


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Making a map is hard and expensive.  Consumers and businesses have come to rely upon the accuracy and reliability of digital maps, but even big map companies can make mistakes.  Apple CEO Tim Cook had to recently issue an apology after customers expressed dissatisfaction with iOS5’s misleading directions and geographical errors.


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Map-Making in the 21st Century

So what goes into creating these vital digital maps?  Companies like Google and TomTom collect data via image-capture cars.  Google’s cars are equipped with nine built-in cameras that capture images of streets around the world.  Apple uses planes to capture 3D images of buildings and large city skyscrapers.  Combining images with Global Positioning Satellite information, exact location data can be displayed on digital maps.


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Making the Most Up-to-Date Maps

The challenge for most mapping data companies is to keep their maps updated.  Traffic, street networks, and business locations change all the time.  To provide the most precise, up-to-date maps, data providers need the input of their users to help correct mistakes.  In the past, it took map makers hundreds of years to correct geographic inaccuracies.  Luckily, digital maps are adjusted much faster.


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Accurate digital maps are not only for planning travels or finding directions.  Businesses use maps to evaluate new business sites, to find new customers, and much more.  If you’re looking for the most accurate, up-to-date maps for your business, contact GbBISOur mapping data is updated every month.  We offer custom maps displaying business locations, demographics, USPS CASS Certification compatible postal geographies, and more.


Contact GbBIS today.  We provide digital maps, map books, and wall maps of the exact areas you need

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2 thoughts on “Building Better Digital Maps

  1. I think COLLECTING data in terms of taking pictures is not the issue of recent maps, the problem is more the thorough annotation. I think this task should also be part of the user, similar to wikipedia where there are good self-control mechanisms of the community to ensure good quality content

    1. Great point. Many mapping data providers encourage users to contribute information to their maps, but you seem to be suggesting that users should have more control to ensure better accuracy. A very interesting idea. Thanks for the comment!

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