The Vital Role Of Maps During Hurricane Sandy

In the wake of one of the worst storms this decade, many northeastern neighborhoods are still without power and internet access.  But efforts are being made to help bring the East Coast back to a level of normality.  GbBIS shows you some ways maps were used during, and in the aftermath of, Hurricane Sandy. 


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Because of Hurricane Sandy, 8 million people lost power, 15,000 flights were canceled, and 7 subway tunnels were flooded (not to mention the devastating losses of property and life).  Despite all these heart-wrenching statistics, things could have been much worse.  Thanks to advances in technology, digital maps were able to help citizens, government agencies, and rescue workers during the storm and in its aftermath.


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This June, William Fritz and his colleagues developed a model showing how New York’s geography would amplify a storm surge in the event of a large storm, spelling trouble for low-lying urban areas.  Fritz’s model helped many prepare for Hurricane Sandy, which followed almost the exact pattern as Fritz’s prediction.


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To help citizens and officials stay current on the direction and size of the storm, companies like ESRI placed up-to-date storm tracker maps on their websites.  These maps used the most recent weather data to help give an in-depth look at the storm’s path.


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In the aftermath of the storm, internet access and electrical maps were created and put online.  People were able to see which areas still had power and internet use.  They used these maps to identify places where they could go to communicate with loved ones and let them know they were ok.


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