Businesses that Cater to a Specific Demographic: Night Owls

Last week we looked at businesses that found success targeting Music Lovers across the countryGbBIS continues its series by looking at companies that market to customers whose days don’t start until the sun goes down: Night Owls.     

Check in next week to see which businesses we will be highlighting in our series


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There’s a large group of consumers out there, a majority of them young people, who are relatively vampire-like in their behavior.  No, they don’t drink blood or rest in coffins, but they do sleep during daylight hours and start their days when the sun goes down.  And an increasing number of businesses are targeting these individuals and catering to their needs.


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A Late Night 4th Meal

We’ve all seen the commercials—Taco Bell’s late night 4th meal, Jack in the Box’s extended hours.  The fast-food industry today appears to have brazenly embraced the late-night munchies.  For those who spend most of their time out at night (partying, at bars, at clubs), Taco Bell, Jack in the Box, and other fast food franchises have created a niche for themselves as late-night food providers.


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Midnight Marketing

Most restaurants shut their doors sometime after sunset, leaving the night owls prowling for somewhere to satisfy their late-night hunger.  Fast food restaurants have catered to this need, providing cheap food options for young people long after the sun goes down.  Since many of these fast food chains service a large customer base during daytime hours, they can afford to keep their doors and drive-throughs open a little longer to serve this untapped market.  These restaurants have marketed themselves as THE place to go for quick food, day or night.


Does your business need help targeting the right customers?

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