Google Treks the Grand Canyon

Google continues its efforts to map every inch of the globe.  Their newest excursion: mapping the Grand Canyon.  GbBIS takes a look. 


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Google has revolutionized the interactive mapping game.  With satellite view, Google Earth, and their Street View function, many wonder what they will come up with next.  Their newest invention, The Trekker, is a wearable backpack with a camera system on top.  The Trekker allows Google to collect 360 degrees of visual data and map areas that can only be reached by foot.


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The Grand Canyon’s Highs and Lows

Google has recently deployed a team of explorers, equipped with Trekkers, to map the steep trails and narrow ridges of the Grand Canyon.  Last week, the “mappers” gathered images of portions of the South Rim at Grand Canyon National Park, including the ridge, the famous Bright Angel Trail, South Kaibab Trail, and more.  These panoramic views will soon be live on Google Maps, giving everyone the opportunity to marvel at this beautiful, majestic site from the comfort of their computers or mobile devices.


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Mapping the “Un-Mappable”

Thanks to advances in technology, as well as the efforts of companies like Google and TomTom, mapping data has reached its zenith.  Data and images are now available for places originally thought unreachable—the Grand Canyon, the Arctic, the ocean floor.  Advances in mapping data can help travelers experience new places, but it can also do much more than that.


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