Which Languages Do You Advertise In?

If you’re limiting your advertising to just one language, you may be missing out on great opportunities for your business.  GbBIS shows you how and where to target diversity in your advertising. 


Image via florittoportfolio.com

We are becoming an increasingly diverse society.  Growing racial and ethnic diversity in your neighborhood may force you to reevaluate your target marketing strategy, but this shouldn’t be looked at as a negative.  It can lead to greater opportunities.  Start by looking at a map of your local area, similar to this map of Toronto, Canada. 


Image via restructure.files.wordpress.com

Demographic maps like this show you important population statistics such as age, race, ethnicity, and even which languages are spoken.  Many businesses track population trends using annual demographic reports and web applicationsThese tools are then used to evaluate which are the most lucrative, fastest-growing demographic segments to target. 


Image via photosensitive.com

An influx of different languages in your neighborhood means new customers to target.  But to target these customers, you need to speak their language.  Viewing demographic data at the ZIP Code or Carrier Route level, you can design different advertising campaigns and direct mailings based on the most widely used languages.


Use the highest quality demographic data to help your business reach new customers.  If you’re looking for a way to analyze demographics for any area, contact GbBIS.  We offer a comprehensive collection of tools to help you manage advertising and direct mail using the most up-to-date demographic data.  Learn more about our Demographic Data, Direct Mail Management, and other Web Applications.


Contact GbBIS today.  We provide custom maps, data, web applications, and reports to help you find new customers and new opportunities. 

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