Mapping the 2012 Battleground States

At the stroke of midnight, the elections will officially come to a close.  We will have new propositions, new laws, and perhaps even a new president sitting in the White House.  GbBIS takes a look as those states that will get the most attention today. 


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As we all know, the popular vote does not determine which candidate becomes president.  The process is much more complicated than that: comprised of electoral votes, population size, and many other idiosyncrasies and peculiarities.  Because of the way our president is elected, there are some states that are much more important than others.  We refer to these as swing states or battleground states: states that have historically varied between voting Republican and Democrat.


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The Battleground

This year, the presidential election won’t be determined by 50 states, but rather by the 11 battleground states: New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, New Mexico, Colorado, and Nevada.


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Focusing on the “Small” Votes

Both campaigns have been focusing on these battleground states, using maps, polls, and demographic data to find new ways of targeting their message to the local population.  In these states, the small number of potential votes are more important than the millions of votes already tallied up as won or lost in solid red or blue states.


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Maps and Data for Elections and for Businesses

Even on Election Day, voters in these states can expect to be barraged by TV and radio adverts, as well as last-minute campaigning by both Romney and Obama.  Political campaigns of these sizes and magnitudes need planning and visual tools.  Electoral maps, population data, and demographic statistics are vital to any political campaign.  You can also use these same planning tools to improve your business.


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GbBIS provides custom maps, demographic data, and custom reports to help manage the effects of geography, locations, and demographics on your business.  Create custom maps of competitor locations, find new customers with demographic data, and much more.


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