Walgreens Customizes Stores to Match Local Demographics

If you have store locations in several different neighborhoods, a singular business strategy may not work for every store.  Sometimes you need to adjust your business to provide what the local demographic needs.  GbBIS looks at how Walgreens has customized its stores to match local demographics. 


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In Chicago’s tough South Side, Walgreens nurses administer HIV tests; in Brooklyn, Walgreens sell a selection of handcrafted, local beers.  Walgreens has made it its business strategy to match products and services to local demographics and store locations.


image via gbbis.com

Better Serving the Community

The idea is to transform every Walgreens location from a traditional drugstore into a retail health and daily living destinations for people who live and work in the communities.  Looking at 2 different Chicago Walgreens locations, we can see how far Walgreens takes its philosophy of “localizing product assortment to match demographics.”


Image via media.commercialappeal.com

A Tale of Two Walgreens

The first Chicago Walgreens location, on 75th and South State Street, is located in a “food and health desert.”  Diabetes and HIV are prevalent in the community.  Walgreens has tried to allay these community concerns by offering an assortment of fresh produce and health food items, as well as administering HIV tests and medical information.


Image via cdn.foodbeast.com

The second Chicago Walgreens, located on State Street and Rudolph, serves a more eclectic customer base: students, tourists, city employees, and wealthy office workers.  To appeal to its broad range of customers, this Walgreens location offers a sushi bar, fresh made juices, a full wine bar, and a bakery.


Adjusting your business strategy to better serve your customer base can lead to great improvements; both in the community and in your business.  But first, you need to know exactly who your customers are.  Use demographic data and maps to gain insights into your customers.  GbBIS can help you learn more about your customer’s ages, income levels, household sizes, and much more.  We offer the highest quality demographic data in the format that fits your needs. 


Contact GbBIS today.  We provide maps, web applications, reports, and databases to help you better manage the impact of demographics, geography, and locations on your business

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