How Technology Has Transformed the Advertising World

In the age of social media and “big data,” the advertising world has changed greatly.  GbBIS shows you how new technology has transformed the advertising world and how your business can take advantage of the information revolution. 


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Technology has certainly reshaped the advertising world.  What used to be standard advertising practices—such as sending direct mail and catalogs—have all but been replaced by new technologies.  Thanks to social media, companies can connect directly and cheaply with their customers.  Many believe that social and digital media have made the advertising world even more relevant than it used to be.


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While smaller companies have been able to quickly adjust to the social media revolution, larger corporations have consistently had trouble making the change.  In the modern advertising world, you need to have a large global presence, while also being entrepreneurial, agile and integrated. 


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“Big Data” has also revolutionized the advertising world.  Companies are acquiring more and more information on their customers: everything from where they live and how old they are to what brand of toothpaste they buy.  And this data is becoming easier to acquire.


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Since the exponential increase in new technologies like iPads and smartphones, businesses have had to make sure their visibility is not hindered.  Many have had to update their web sites to ensure compatibility with smartphones, iPads, and home computers.


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In a world of ever-changing technology, your company can’t afford to be left behind.  Take advantage of all the tools available to you and make your advertising really count.  GbBIS offers the most up-to-date demographic data to help you communicate with and locate new customers.  Gain valuable insights into your customers’ behaviors with the most accurate maps, web applications, databases, and reports.  We also offer a Mobile Locator application for your business website.


Contact GbBIS today.  We can help you manage any area of your business affected by geography, demographics, and locations

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