Elections Near; Romney Begins Targeting Obama’s Demographic

America’s Election Day is only 1 week away.  With the presidential race still nearly neck-and-neck, the two candidates are both working hard to secure the presidency.  GbBIS takes a look at one of Governor Romney’s new demographic strategies. 


Image via i2.cdn.turner.com

Recently, Mitt Romney has made a point of visiting the counties that voted for President Obama back in 2008.  Why?  Though the counties showed allegiance to the president 4 years ago, Romney’s campaign believes that their support for Obama may be waning.


Image via cdn.ph.upi.com

Romney’s Campaign Gains Momentum

After what many believed was a superior performance by the Governor in the first presidential debate, Romney’s numbers looked good.  In the first Gallup poll released just after the first presidential debate, Romney showed a 2-point lead over Obama.  This gave him just the momentum and confidence he needed to attempt to win over a handful of blue counties.


Image via ccpcaohio.com

Vital Counties

Counties in Ohio, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania have seen visits from Romney’s campaign in the past few weeks.  Though many believe that Romney will have little success converting Obama’s supporters, Romney is likely to gain blue-collar Democrats and Jewish voters in Ohio’s Cuyahoga County, where he performed well in the GOP primary.


Image via ec2-50-16-227-110.compute-1.amazonaws.com

Demographic Targeting is Key

As Mr. Romney tweaks his message to appeal to more centrist voters, it becomes clear that targeting the right people for your political campaign is paramount.  The same can be said about targeting the right customers for your business.  If you know who and where your target customers are, you will know exactly how to market to them.


Use demographics to locate and target your customers.  If you need a way to visualize demographics for anywhere in the US, contact GbBIS.  We offer the highest quality demographic data and demographic maps.  Use demographics such as age, income, gender, and population to help you make better business decisions.


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