Business that Cater to a Specific Demographic: Ethnic Groups

Last week we looked at businesses that found success catering to the health consciousGbBIS continues its series on businesses that target specific demographics by looking at companies that take ethnicity into account when marketing their products. 

Check in next week to see which businesses we will be highlighting in our series
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There are many companies whose products appeal to a wide range of customers: customers from completely different economic, social, and ethnic backgrounds.  But other companies market their products to a very select audience.  This includes businesses that choose to market to specific ethnic groups.


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Is it Right to Target Ethnicity?

Sometimes, targeting ethnicity is essential.  Almost every big city has a Chinatown, Little Tokyo, or some neighborhood that has a majority-minority population.  Businesses in these areas need to provide their customers with what they need.  That means offering products and services specific to the ethnicity of that neighborhood.


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Expanding Ethnic Stores

With a growing minority demographic in America, companies have created a business model that caters to local demographics.  Walmart has recently opened several Supermercados de Walmart in Phoenix and Houston’s predominantly Latino neighborhoods.  Businesses have also been experimenting with making exotic, ethnic foods more accessible to mainstream shoppers.  And these offerings have attracted a range of diverse customers.


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Your business may appeal more to one ethnicity or race than another.  Managing your business means keeping track of customer trends and noting who your top customers are.  If race or ethnicity are determining factors in your customers, use this information to your advantage.  Start using ethnicity as a way to target customers.


Does your business need help targeting the right customers?

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