Tips From Award-Winning Franchises

Running a business is difficult.  And just because a franchise offers more training and support than a traditional business, it doesn’t make running a franchise any less difficult.  GbBIS shares some tips from award-winning franchises.  Use these tips to better manage your business. 

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The Australia-based company Battery World was voted the #1 most innovative franchise this year.  Its award-winning title came when the company had an epiphany: customers could bring old batteries into Battery World to recycle.  As marketers had guessed, many of these recycling customers stuck around and shopped at the stores.  Battery World estimates that, throughout its 77 franchise locations, it has gained over $1 million worth of editorial space purely because of its recycling initiatives.


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The #1 tip Battery World has to offer: look at what your customers are concerned about—recycling, conservation, environmental impact—and find a way to address those concerns.

Kerry Hannah, national marketing manager for Battery World, suggests that the recycling initiative was not just a marketing ploy, but also a way to be responsible socially.


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Tip #2—measure results when trying new marketing ideas.

Before Battery World implemented its recycling initiative throughout its 77 franchises, it tested it in several franchises in Townsville, Australia.  From the success these franchises, Battery World learned which measures worked, and was able to implement its recycling initiative franchise-wide.


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Tip #3—find new ways to measure the performance of your franchise. 

Coffee Club was voted the second most innovative franchise in 2012.  Their innovation: creating a franchise-wide system that helps each store evaluate its overall performance.  The system uses a range of surveys to find out how each franchise is performing in relation to expectations, performance, brand engagement, and a range of different metrics.  This helped Coffee Club franchises identify strengths as well as areas for improvement. 


Running a franchise takes motivation, innovation, and the right tools.  If you’re looking for new ways to manage your franchise, contact GbBIS.  We have a comprehensive collection of tools to help you manage your franchise, gain insights into your customers, and more.  Check out our Franchise Management web applicationWe also offer the highest quality maps, reports, and databases to help you manage any part of your business affected by geography or demographics.


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