Searches On Mobile Devices Surge

Research indicates that, within the next year, more people will be accessing the web through mobile devices than through PC’s.  Will your business be prepared for this big change?  GbBIS shares some information that will help you prepare for the shift towards mobile internet use. 

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Since 2010, there have been more shipments of mobile devices each quarter than there have been PC’s.  If analysts are correct, this trend indicates that mobile devices are slated to replace PC’s, perhaps permanently.

Even more interesting is the fact that almost 50% of Google searches in the last few months have come from mobile devices rather than PC’s.  As many of us know, websites that are easily viewed on a Google search using a home computer are not as easy to find when you search on your mobile device.

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Your business needs to be prepared for the growing amount of users that are searching the web on their mobile devices.  If your website isn’t compatible with mobile searches, you’re going to have to update it.  Not having your website show up in a mobile search is something most businesses can’t afford.

Make sure that every application and component of your business website is accessible from a smartphone.  Things like contact info, product photos, and especially a store locator application should be easily viewable on your customers’ mobile devices.

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If your business is looking for a mobile locator application that is accessible from smartphones, tablets, and computers, contact GbBIS.  Our Mobile Locator is a cross-platform store locator application that provides visitors to your website with a digital map, location markers, and turn by turn navigation to help them find the closest stores.  Our Mobile Locator can be customized to fit the layout, look, and design of your website.

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Contact GbBIS today and discover how our Mobile Locator can help mobile-users find you. 

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