2 Things to Look for When Advertising Outdoors

Billboards, outdoor signs, and posters are great eye-catching tools to attract customers.  If you’re thinking of advertising outdoors, take a look at the 2 things GbBIS considers the most important. 

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Whether you are purchasing billboard space, or placing a new store sign near a major street, take these two factors into account before you give that advertisement the go-ahead.


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When advertising outdoors, especially near a street or highway, you need to think about who will see your ad: this means pedestrians and motorists.  Traffic counts data can help you determine where your advertisement will be the most visible to motorists.  Stop-and-go traffic is a billboard’s best friend.  Look for areas with slower traffic and also look for busy intersections, highways, etc.

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Target Demographics

No matter how many drivers see your ad, it won’t help you if they aren’t part of your target demographic.  If you target students, advertise on a street that’s on the way to the local college.  If you target early morning commuters, find out which routes they take and place your advertisements along the way.  Use demographic data to find the locations of your target customers and place your outdoor advertisements in places that they are sure to see.


Image via gbbis.com

Creating effective outdoor advertising campaigns takes planning and the right data.  GbBIS offers traffic counts and demographic data from the leading providers.  Our data is the most accurate and up-to-date, and is available in the format that best suits your needs.  We offer maps, web applications, reports and databases to help you find better locations for your advertisements.


Contact GbBIS today.  We can help you use geography to better manage your advertising, marketing, and much more

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