Why Target Marketing Works

Target marketing almost always generates better results and saves companies money.  GbBIS shows you why target marketing works. 

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To better understand target marketing, let’s talk about its components first.  Marketing, as many of us know, is an intricate process that involves data analysis and apt decision-making.  Marketing helps to promote, sell, or distribute a product or service.  We can’t talk about marketing, however, without referring to the term “market”—consumers and customers, and the commercial world they live in.


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Target marketing is the process of focusing your marketing resources on a certain segment of the market.  Target marketing produces higher return rates and better results at lower costs.  How does it do this?


Target Marketing Basics

When you target a specific segment of the market, you are looking for the people that are most likely to benefit from or to use your products.  Say your product is a new health drink in a skinny pink bottle.  The product will most likely appeal to women because of its appearance, and it will probably appeal to older women since they are typically more health-conscious.  A target marketing campaign for this product would be directed at older women that are within a certain distance of your store.


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Target Marketing Gets Better Results

By targeting the right market segment, you are marketing to those who are most likely to buy your products.  This will lead to an increase in ROI and better results from marketing campaigns, direct mail, and advertisements.


Target Marketing Saves Money

Instead of throwing away money on people who are unlikely to buy your products, you are concentrating your marketing resources on the right segment of your market.  This saves time and money.


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If you’re looking for the best way to start target marketing, contact GbBIS.  We offer a comprehensive collection of tools to help you target your market.  We provide the highest quality demographic data, custom maps, business reports, and web applications.



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