Save Your Sinking Sales Territory

Is your sales territory not performing as well as you thought it would?  GbBIS gives you a few ways you can save your sinking sales territory.


If your sales territory isn’t generating enough revenue, it could be because you didn’t evaluate the territory’s potential correctly in the first place.  Did you mark the locations of your prospects?  Did you rate your prospects?  To have a successful sales territory, you need to have the right amount of market potential.  Revisit our blog on Creating Winning Sales Territories.

Sales Training

Maybe your sales team doesn’t have the right tools or knowledge.  Take advantage of Webinars, Checkups, Ride-Alongs; whatever it takes to educate your sales team.  15% of a business’s C-rated salespeople become A-rated sales people.  Give your sales team training and the opportunity to improve.

Change Sales Reps

This doesn’t necessarily mean hiring and firing.  Maybe your sales reps aren’t in the position to do the most good for the company.  When a baseball team is in a slouch, the manager will often play around with the line-up.  You can do the same with your sales reps.  Maybe a rep has a certain knowledge or skill that will be put to better use in a different territory.  Who knows, they may hit one out of the park.

Making changes to your sales territories requires planning and organization.  If you’re looking for a way to manage changes in your sales territories, consult GbBIS.  We offer a comprehensive collection of sales territory management tools.  We offer web applications, sales territory maps, and demographic reports to help you manage any changes to your territories.


Contact GbBIS today.  We offer web applications, maps, databases, and reports to help you manage your sales territories

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