4 Ways to Find Target Markets

Who do you think will benefit the most from your products?  What group is most likely to buy your products?  GbBIS shows you 4 different ways you can identify your target market. 


Customers choose store locations that are closest to them.  So, using geography to identify your target market is a great place to start.  Use data such as radius and drive time reports.  These reports can tell you which addresses are within a certain distance or travel time from your stores.  You can also target the nearest ZIP Codes, Carrier Routes, and neighborhoods to your locations.



Businesses have been observing for years how different demographic segments are attracted to different products.  Use demographics to your advantage.  If your products cater to younger crowds, use a demographic map to find where the young people are located.  Target those areas that have the greatest number of your target demographic.



This is a more complicated category.  Psychographics deal with the general personality, lifestyle, choices, and loyalty characteristics of your customers.  Luckily, data exists that measures these types of things.  Demographic reports often contain information on specific lifestyles and frequency of use of products.



Purchase behaviors are a great way to target your market.  Consumer data provides you with the number of people who bought a certain product, and also gives you some demographic information about those buyers.  Find target markets by looking at the areas that have purchased similar products to yours.


There are many ways to identify the target market for your business.  Luckily, GbBIS carries all the data necessary for you to find the market for your products.  We provide the highest quality geographic and demographic data, in the format that best suits your needs.  We offer maps, web applications, databases, and reports.


Contact GbBIS today.  Our maps and data will help you find the best markets to target

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