Map News: Apple Leaves Out Google Maps

The mapping world has been abuzz lately with responses to Apple’s new mapping application, and the fact that they’ve left Google Maps off their new iPhones.  GbBIS takes a look at Apple’s new maps and what it means to have the most accurate mapping data.

By now, you’ve all heard about it.  Whether you see it as a blessing or a curse, Apple launched its new mapping application with the new iOS6 last week.  While many agree the map colors are brighter, the panning is faster, and the zooming doesn’t lag, Apple’s map app is far from accurate.


The company dropped its Google Maps powered map application and used its own data to power the newly-released maps.  The company had used Google Maps to power its maps since 2007, but with Google’s foray into the realm of smartphones, Apple had begun viewing the internet search giant as more of a competitor than a partner.



While you get 3D maps and vibrant color schemes, Apple’s map data is still relatively new…and it shows.  City searches often pinpoint locations far away from the actual city.  Business location and points of interest searches within New York City send you to streets in Brooklyn.  The data is even worse for oversees Apple users: Tokyo, Japan shows almost no map details and cities within England have completely different or misspelled names.


While Apple tries to improve their maps, customers will have to suffer with subpar mapping data.  Luckily, attaining the most accurate mapping data isn’t difficult.  GbBIS has partnered with the leading data providers to produce the most accurate maps of anywhere in the USA and the world.  Our maps can help you target markets, plan deliveries, locate customers, and evaluate business sites with precision and accuracy.


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