Choosing a Better Business Location

There are many things to consider when choosing a new business location.  GbBIS gives you a few tips to help you make better choices for your new business site. 


Most businesses simply look for a location that gives them enough exposure.  But there are some less obvious questions you need to ask yourself to determine the type of location you’ll need.

Does the area have potential employees?  If your staff consists of a particular demographic (younger college students, experienced middle-aged people), make sure there are enough potential employees around the location you’re evaluating.  Use demographic data and maps to identify the surrounding population.

Are the surrounding businesses complimentary or competing?  You can use business listing data and maps to determine what types of businesses you will have as neighbors.  Too many competitors in an area may be an indicator to look for a different location.

What is the crime rate in the area?  You can find companies that will supply you with crime data for your specific city, neighborhood, ZIP Code…Choose locations that will keep you away from major crime areas.  Crime data is also a good thing to analyze if you are designing delivery routes for your business.

If you need a way to answer these questions and find out if the business site you’ve been looking at is the best one for you, consult GbBIS.  We provide maps, data, reports, and web applications to help you evaluate any business location.  Our data range from demographic information like median age and income, to crime indexes and business listing information.  We provide all the information necessary to evaluate and select a better site for your business.


Contact GbBIS today.  Our Geography-based solutions can help you select better business sites

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