Business that Cater to a Specific Demographic: Students

Last week we looked at businesses that cater to Baby-Boomers.  Today we take a look at businesses that are finding success by focusing on the students among us.  GbBIS continues our series on businesses that cater to a specific demographic by looking at how different companies are targeting the students. 


Every business has its own target market.  Here are a couple of businesses that have experienced growth due to targeting broke, cheap, and stressed-out college students.


Toppers Pizza.  Toppers Pizza discovered that college students are in fact an underserved market.  From humble beginnings, they’ve targeted their business to presenting a hip, fun image, and now have 28 locations based in various college towns across the Midwest.  They appeal to the 18-34 year-old crowd with late-night hours and value-oriented offerings.  They even offer move-in specials for dormitories, and they sponsor college campus events.

Enviro Products.  Enviro Products knows that most college students are passionate about saving the environment.  They are capitalizing on the green movement by offering an assortment of eco-friendly products, including water bottles, water filtration systems, and a lunchbox series appropriate for students of all ages.

BookRenter.  With escalating text book prices, students are looking for cheaper ways to get the books they need.  BookRenter has created a cost-effective book renting program partnered with local and campus book stores.  Most students will buy an average of 7 books per semester, and then resell them at the end of the school year.  The founders of BookRenter realized this was just an elaborate form of renting, and created a program that lets students rent the same books they would wind up buying and reselling, but at a lower cost.

Whether you are focusing on students, Baby-Boomers, or adrenaline junkies, defining your target market is an important process for any business.  With demographic data, you can identify which market is the most profitable, and find where that market is located.  If your business can benefit from the most comprehensive, up-to-date collection of demographic data, contact GbBIS.  We offer demographic maps, databases, reports, and web applications to help you target markets, find customers, and more.


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