Which Social Media Sites do Your Customers Use?

Studies have shown that different demographic groups tend to behave differently on social websites.  So which social media sites do your customers gravitate towards?  GbBIS shows you how you can adjust your social marketing strategy to reach your customers. 

Part of any marketing strategy is to know who your audience is, and where they are.  If your customers are using social media sites, you need to have a social marketing strategy that appeals to them.  According to your customer demographics, that social marketing strategy can vary quite a bit.

According to the Association of Magazine Media’s study, different demographic groups tend to frequent different social media sites.  According to the study, 91% of respondents used Facebook, and 40% used Twitter.  Facebook was popular among both men and women, but Twitter had more male users than female.  As for those men who used Twitter, younger generations were more active on the website than older generations.

The study also found that video websites like Youtube can help businesses appeal to 61% of Americans (the percent of Americans who watch videos on the website daily).  Other networks with strong bases across age groups included Linkedin and Google+.

Demographics determine a lot about your customers.  Knowing the demographic makeup of your customers helps you create marketing campaigns that appeal directly to them.  If you’re searching for the most up-to-date demographic data, contact GbBIS.  Our demographic databases and maps have helped thousands of companies locate customers, target marketing, and much more.


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Image 1,4 via gbbis.com, Image 2 via cdn.brafton.com, Image 3 via http://www.granburyrs.com


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