Which is the Most Lucrative Demographic?

College students?  Parents?  Middle income families?  Which demographic do you think spends the most on products and services in the US?  GbBIS gives you the answer (you may be surprised). 

In two word: Baby-Boomers.  Baby-Boomers are one of the most lucrative demographic segments in the US.  Nearly half of consumer products and services purchased last year were bought by people 50 and older, according to AARP’s media sales group.

Marketers view Baby-Boomers as a fantastic market for several reasons.  Firstly, they have a lot of money.  They also consume lots of products.  With advanced age comes the need for products and services that make life easier.  Delivery services and health-related products are bought in great quantities by the Baby-Boomer generation.  They are also a very positive demographic.

Baby-Boomers have generally less brand loyalty than other demographic segments.  They are more willing to try new things, making them a great demographic for you to target.  If you’re thinking of expanding your target market, why not locate the Baby-Boomers near you.

If you need to locate Baby-Boomers, younger people, or any demographic segment important to your business, contact GbBIS.  We can provide you with high quality demographic maps, databases, and reports.  Locate your customers and more effectively target markets using the demographic data from GbBIS.  We can even provide you with data on your customers’ spending habits!


Contact GbBIS today.  Our demographic data can help you locate and target customers for your business

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Image 1,4 via gbbis.com, Image 2 via answer-my-health-question.info, Image 3 via merchandisingmatters.com


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