GeoCoding: Why Accuracy Matters

Whether it’s a business, a government agency, or an individual, when you need locations GeoCoded, accuracy matters.  GbBIS takes a look at just why so many businesses insist on using the most accurate, highest quality GeoCoding services available. 

For many businesses, it is a matter of money.  Insurance providers need to mark the exact locations of the homes they cover and need to know that those locations are correct…down to the foot.  Since insurance rates are calculated by the risk factors at a specific location, insurance providers could stand to lose millions if premiums for homes are calculated incorrectly because of inaccurate GeoCoding.

In the past, businesses were ecstatic to have any sort of geographic representation for a customer or store address.  Now, only the most accurate GeoCoded locations will do.  When insurers evaluate homes, most addresses are located comfortably within tax or risk boundaries.  But for those homes that are located right next to risk boundaries, where incorrect GeoCoding could cost a company millions, insurers simply cannot afford to use anything but the most accurate GeoCoding services.

Accuracy doesn’t only matter for home insurance providers.  University researchers, nationwide delivery services, and many other companies require the strictest measurements of accuracy in their GeoCoding.  The level of detail at which a GeoCoding service operates could mean the difference between success and failure for your project.

If you’re business needs of the most accurate GeoCoding service available, contact GbBIS.  We use the most precise, up-to-date data to GeoCode your locations.  We can place your GeoCoded locations on a map, in a web application, or provide you with a report of the longitudes and latitudes for each address.


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