Tips for Improving your Franchise

If sales numbers for your franchise aren’t what they should be, it’s time for a change.  With these simple tips, you can increase sales, customer traffic, and employee knowledge.  GbBIS shows you a few simple ways to start improving your franchise.   


 Increase Community Involvement.  Host community-based events and support local causes.  This gives customers a reason to choose your franchise and it also bolsters your image as an important part of the community.  How do you find out which causes your customers support?  Use demographic and location data.  What causes people will support has a lot to do with their age, income level, and where they live.

Solicit Employee Input.  Believe it or not, your employees occasionally have better ideas than you do.  They are often more involved in the day-to-day processes of the store and have insights into customer behaviors.  Encourage them to give their opinions on new products, quality of service, and workplace conditions.  Use feedback cards, group discussions, or one-on-one meetings.

Evaluate Sales Results.  Go over daily and weekly sales numbers with your employees.  Review which products are moving and which are not, and lead a discussion with your employees on why.  Set new goals each month and establish company wide incentives.  Monitor your progress to make sure you are hitting those goals.

Whether you run a fast food restaurant or a delivery truck business, GbBIS can help you find ways to improve your franchise.  We offer web applications, custom maps, and business reports to help you create a more successful franchise.  View demographics, monitor sales, find customers, and target markets using our geography-based products.

Contact GbBIS today and discover how our maps, web applications, data, and reports can help you improve your franchise

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