3 Ways to Design Your Mailing List

Businesses strive to develop a relationship with their customers so that their customers actually want to hear from them.  A great way to develop this relationship is with a targeted mailing list.  Targeted mailing lists give you insights into your clients and also allow you to develop a direct marketing strategy that addresses your clients’ needs and behaviors.  GbBIS shows you some different ways to design or segment your mailing list to achieve better results. 


#1 By Lead Source

Knowing where your business leads come from helps you find the best means of communication with your customers.  If a lead comes from an advertisement, you know that that source is likely to respond to further advertisements.  If a lead is referred by a customer, you know that they will most likely respond to future referral offers.

#2 By Demographics

Your product or service may be tailored to a certain demographic.  Are your customers mostly middle aged men?  Are they single women?  By conducting research, you can find out which demographic responds the most to your marketing or direct mail.  Different demographics respond differently to different messages; knowing the demographic makeup of your contacts helps you create messages that fit your customers.

#3 By Behavior

Many feel this is the most powerful way to segment your mailing list.  Tracking the responses for your advertising helps you know what people are interested in.  You can also look up data on purchase behaviors and consumption statistics.  By knowing your customers’ behaviors, you can ensure that the information you are putting out appeals to your clients.

Creating a segmented mailing list helps you tailor your direct marketing to address your customers’ needs, behaviors, and demographics.  If your business needs help creating segmented mailing lists, consult GbBIS.  We use the most accurate demographic data—such as age, income, household size, and consumption statistics—to create the necessary mailing list for your business.


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Image 1 via gbbis.com, Image 2 via csmonitor.com, Image 3 via scm-l3.technorati.com, Image 4 via rivkind.com


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