Advantages of Geographic Sales Territories

Creating well defined and precisely aligned sales territories can greatly benefit the overall productivity of a sales team.  There are many different types of sales territories: open, vertical, geographic…each type of sales territory has its unique advantages.  GbBIS wants to help you find the best territory structure for your business.  Today, we explore the benefits of defining your sales territories by geography. 


There are a variety of ways to optimize, balance, and align sales territories.  The real question lies in how to select the right structure for your sales team.  One of the most popular ways to organize sales is by geography: each sales member gets a specific geographic territory or boundary.  Many businesses divide their clients up into ZIP Codes, cities, states, and US regions, and then organize territories so that each geographic area presents an equal opportunity for sales.

The first advantage of geographic sales territories is decreased travel time for sales people, and increased time selling.  Since clients are concentrated in a specific geographic area, sales people will spend less time traveling and can concentrate on selling.  This will also save your company on travel costs.

Geographic territories also reduce conflicts among your sales team.  Let’s face it: sales people will do whatever it takes to land a sale, including arguing with their team members over the ownership of an account or lead.  With geographic sales territories, these kinds of disputes will be alleviated.  A client is either in a city, or they aren’t; they are either in a region, or they’re not.  Geographic sales territories have much more concrete boundaries than other territory structures.

Organizing sales territories by geography also increases your sales team’s local knowledge.  Your sales team can become educated on the different cultural neighborhoods and the local causes that are important to businesses and consumers.

Geographic territories are a solid and safe way to organize your sales regions.  If your business needs help designing or delineating sales territories, contact GbBIS.  We’ve been helping businesses design and map sales territories for over 25 years.  We offer a wide range of custom maps, web applications, and mapping data to help you create the best territories for your sales team.


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