Obama Uses Demographics to Target his Political Message

 Demographics are an important factor in an election year.  As some politicians may be focusing on the issues that fire up their base, others are targeting their messages to gain specific demographic advantages.  Today, GbBIS takes a look at how President Obama has used demographic targeting to make his political message more meaningful to his constituency. 


 President Obama’s targeted demographic approach has been on display in the last few weeks.  He has alternately tailored his campaign speeches and his ad campaigns to appeal to women, older voters and, most recently, new young voters who may not have been old enough to cast a ballot four years ago.

Obama has used Mitt Romney and his running mate,    Paul Ryan, as foils, discussing how their policies would   affect women, older citizens, and young people.  Romney’s senior advisor, Kevin Madden said Obama’s tactics are “a far cry from the 2008 campaign where [he] sought to build a grand coalition of voters.  Instead, because he has such a poor record on the economy, he’s   been relegated to micro-targeting individual demographics and playing them against each other.”

Whether or not the idea of demographically targeting voters will pay off for Obama remains to be seen.  However, it just goes to show that our political leaders know the value of demographics.  If demographics can help a politician get reelected, then they can certainly help your business find success.

Contact GbBIS to find out how your business can benefit from demographic targeting.  We use the most accurate demographic data to help you identify potential customers, as well as target your marketing, advertising, and products to appeal directly to them.  Our demographic maps, web applications, reports, and databases can help you gain insights into your customers.

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Image 1 via gbbis.com, Image 2 via connectamarillo.com, Image 3 via letustalk.files.wordpress.com, Image 4 via aei.ideas.org


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