Save on Gas, Redesign your Delivery Route

As gas prices continually fluctuate, delivery companies are scratching their heads searching for new ways to save on fuel consumption.  Here’s a great way to save on fuel costs that you may not have thought of: redesign your delivery routes.  Today, GbBIS shows you how you can use mapping data to redesign your routes and cut your business’s fuel costs. 


Gas prices affect both customers and businesses.  But, while customers can choose to ride their bikes or walk, delivery companies have no way around it: they have to drive their vehicles.  Different companies have come up with methods to reduce travel time and fuel consumption.  UPS has tried to cut down on the time drivers are stopped at stoplights by having their drivers make as many right turns as possible.

A slew of right turns may help you spend less time at stoplights, but it causes drivers to cover a lot more distance and use up more gas.  Using the right mapping data, however, can help you design the fastest, most efficient delivery routes.  Geocoding is a process that takes the addresses along your delivery route and marks them as points on a map.  Many GeoCoding services also determine the shortest distance between two addresses.

Want to limit the amount of backtracking your drivers do?  Use USPS carrier route boundaries.  You can utilize the routes that USPS drivers use to deliver mail as a framework for your own routes.  Traffic counts data are also invaluable if you’re trying to keep your drivers from wasting gas sitting in traffic.  Avoid routes with heavy traffic flow and help your clients get their deliveries faster.

By using accurate mapping data, your business can create efficient delivery routes that save you gas, and save you money.  Reduce your fuel costs; contact GbBIS.  We create and maintain the most accurate collection of geographic, postal, and transportation data.  We can help you design money-saving delivery routes with our maps, GeoCoding services, web applications, reports, and databases.


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