What is Customer Profiling? The Short and Long Answers

To better understand customers, businesses often go through a process called customer profiling.  Customer profiling helps businesses make better marketing and advertising decisions, and helps them better address the concerns of their customers.  Today, GbBIS explains some of the basics of customer profiling, and shows you how profiling your customers can improve your business. 


What is customer profiling?  In short: grouping your customers based on shared demographic traits, goals, and consumer habits.  Now the long explaination.  Many companies begin customer profiling by gathering as much information about their customers as possible.  Age, gender, income, what products they consume, their goals…Businesses then create “personas,” or abstract profiles that represent different groups of customers with shared traits.

Businesses then group these personas together and often write descriptions for them.  The profile for “Jim,” for example, may represent every male customer that is 18-24 and makes between $10,000-$30,000 a year.  The profile for “Dolores” may represent every female customer that is 54-60 and makes between $50,000-$70,000 a year.

Businesses often get caught up in their new products and services.  Those who create new business products aren’t usually the end user or customer.  Creating accurate customer profiles helps businesses remain focused on their customers.  Satisfying customer expectations is the main objective of almost every company, and remaining focused on clearly established customer profiles will help you improve your business.

GbBIS gives you the tools you need to create customer profiles.  We can provide you with demographic reports, giving you valuable details on the customers in your area—their ages, incomes, spending habits, and more.  Our maps, web applications, and mapping databases help you mark the locations of your customers and create geographic territories, grouping together areas with similar profiles.

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Image 1,4 via gbbis.com, Image 2 via m4bmarketing.com, Image 3 via 4.bp.blogspot.com


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