Advice from the Experts: How GeoCoding can Improve your Business

Not many people think something as simple as GeoCoding locations can help their business.  This is mostly because people don’t know exactly what GeoCoding is, or what its benefits are.  Well, let’s clear that all up today.  GeoCoding CAN help your business.  It increases the efficiency and accuracy of deliveries, helps you analyze locations, and much more.  Today, GbBIS tells you a bit about GeoCoding  and how your business can reap its benefits. 


You can find a simplified form of GeoCoding on Google Maps.  Type in an address and Google Maps marks the location on their digital map.  Pretty simple.  But if you zoom in close, you’ll notice that the mapped locations are often incongruent with their locations in real life.  Google Maps might show locations in the middle of the street or on the opposite side of where they really are.

Also, a web application like Google Maps will often not be able to recognize the difference between addresses such as 123 MAIN STREET and 123 S. MAIN STREET.  Not differentiating between the two addresses could mean a location gets marked on the completely opposite side of town.  With GeoCoding, accuracy matters.

So, as a business, you want the most accurate GeoCoding service.  But what do you use it for?  One thing you will see on almost any business website is a store locator application.  These applications are often better than what Google Maps offers for a few reasons.  Firstly, they are more accurate, pinpointing locations on a digital map down to the exact latitude and longitude.  Secondly, these applications will analyze distance and provide a map of the store locations closest to the customer.

GeoCoding is also a great routing tool for deliveries.  Many GeoCoding services will analyze the distance between your delivery locations and help you design the most expedient routes.  Businesses have saved gas and reduced wrong deliveries by using GeoCoding applications for their routes.  GeoCoding helps you accurately plot and analyze any locations important to your business: customers, dealers, competitors…

If you’re looking for the most accurate, advanced GeoCoding service available, consult GbBIS.  We’ve been helping businesses GeoCode important locations for over 25 years.  We provide you with maps of your GeoCoded locations, interactive web applications, a report of latitudes and longitudes for your locations…we even have a store locator application that’s customized to match the theme and colors of your website.


Contact GbBIS today and discover how our GeoCoding services can improve your business


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