Businesses that Cater to a Specific Demographic: Adrenaline Junkies

Knowing your customers pays off.  The more in-tune you are to your customers’ needs and demographics, the better you can target your company to maximize profits.  Today, GbBIS begins a series on businesses that cater to specific demographics and how they’ve used demographic targeting to find success.  Today’s feature: adrenaline junkies. 


When you envision your ideal vacation, you may think of poolside drinks, a sunny beach, or a weeklong massage and spa treatment.  For many, however, this isn’t the case.  An increasing number of wealthy doctors, lawyers, and entrepreneurs are taking the idea of vacationing to the extreme, and there are an abundance of businesses helping them get there.  Whether you desire an exploratory tour of the ocean floor, a day in the shoes of a firefighter, or a hands-on approach to flying a MiG-29 jet fighter in Russia, there are hundreds of companies out there that cater to you.

Incredible Adventures, Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, Zero Gravity Corp; these are just a few companies that are targeting wealthy, type-A personality thrill seekers.  According to many of the top marketers in these companies, people who live on the edge in their professional life don’t want to just sit idly by in their down time.

Krysta Cossitt, operations manager at Zero Gravity, claims that her company knows exactly what its customers are looking for.  “I think people are leaning more towards experience as opposed to materialistic things…You get a lot of people who join us who have it all, so why not do something more experience based? They give it to themselves as a birthday gift or graduation present.”

Of course, the main thing that these thrill seekers have in common: they don’t mind spending a small fortune on these unique experiences.  Prices for expeditions range from $375 (to swim with sharks) to $95,000 (for a suborbital flight).  Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, which will take passengers 62 miles above the earth, carries a price tag of almost $200,000 a seat (there are already more than 520 people signed up for the ride).

Heavily targeting their customers (their ages, incomes, and industries) has certainly helped these companies find success.  Using the most accurate demographic data from GbBIS, you too can better target your own customers.  Find out which ages, genders, and income brackets are most likely to buy your products, and use our demographic maps and data to locate where these customers are.


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