New Data Reveals Family Demographics

The traditional view of families is changing.  New Zealand’s Families Commission has released some new facts about NZ families over the last few decades.  Some of these statistics are predictable while some are shocking.  GbBIS takes a look at these new family demographics and explains how businesses can use data like this to their advantage. 

New Zealand’s Families Commission’s data suggests some interesting trends over the last few decades.  Less people are marrying.  Dr Jeremy Robertson, Chief Research analyst says, “This range of family statistics reveals some interesting trends over recent decades. For example, there has been a decrease in the rate of marriage. When people do marry they are generally older and have usually spent time living together prior to the marriage.”

The demographic study also corrected some common misconceptions.  Although popular opinion is to the contrary, there is a decline in divorce rates in New Zealand.  Divorce rates have been steadily going down since 2003.  There are, however, more children living in single parent households.  In 1976 10% of children were living with one parent, but by 2006 the figure was 28%.

Dr. Robertson says that “These kinds of changes have implications for business, social policy, family services and local government.”  We agree with Robertson on that one.  GbBIS has been helping businesses take advantage of demographic data for over 25 years.  Tracking trends and demographic changes is an important aspect of evaluating your target market.

With GbBIS’s extensive library of demographic data, you business has access to 100’s of demographic variables.  We create custom maps, web applications, and reports to help you manage the impact of demographics on your business.  Crime statistics, income, age, population, household size, gender, race: GbBIS provides all this data and more.


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