How your Franchise can Compete with Large Chains

You’ve discovered the franchise of your dreams.  It’s a small franchise, but you provide a product or service that you are passionate about.  How do you keep that franchise above water when you are competing with large chain stores that seem to have limitless resources?  GbBIS gives you some tips for going toe-to-toe with large chain stores—and coming out a winner. 

National chain stores have the resources to offer almost any product or service.  When a large chain in your area starts to offer products similar to your franchise (health foods, cosmetics, tires, etc.), it’s time to reevaluate your strategy.  There are a few things you can do to make sure your franchise maintains customers, and even win new ones.

Create a Social Media Presence

More likely than not, a large chain will not have a local social media presence.  They may have a Facebook profile for their corporation, but not for their local stores.  Find out where your customers are — Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin—and create a presence in those areas.  Blog locally. By frequently blogging about topics that your local customers actually care about, you increase your store’s odds of generating positive local search results online.

Support Local Causes

Going along with the previous point, you need to find out which causes your local customers care about, and support those causes.  Create promotions for your store to raise awareness about a local issue (underfunded schools, afterschool programs, saving a local radio station, etc.).  Large chains are normally slow to react to local events, but by staying up-to-date on neighborhood events, you can create a real presence in your community.

Knowing your customers can really help your franchise compete with large chains, and even give you an advantage over them.  Finding out what your customers care about helps your business get involved in the community in a way that no large chain can.

Get help gathering information on your customers with GbBIS.  For over 25 years, GbBIS has been providing franchises with the tools and data they need to identify customer demographics and track customer trends.  Age, income, gender, race, household size; GbBIS gives you all this information and more.  Our web applications and maps are designed to assist franchises in managing areas of their businesses affected by demographics, locations, and geography.


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