A Blast from the Past: Google Maps from 1999

Map technology has certainly come a long way.  From 8-bit maps to 3D images with the capability of projecting numerous amounts of data, digital maps have been a prevalent force during the information revolution.  GbBIS has been at the forefront of mapping innovation, and today we look at just how advanced mapping technology has become. 


Though it isn’t official, many believe that the below image is what an early incarnation of Google Maps from 1999 would look like.  It has little in common with the advanced, 3D mapping system that we’ve all come to know.  Though the familiar zoom-able interface is there, it looks more like something out of an 80’s videogame.

The idea of satellites mapping the world and feeding us digital images was fist conceived in the 1960’s.  However, the government’s GPS project wasn’t fully operational until 1994.  Then the GPS boom happened.  Consumers began purchasing digital navigation devices that chose routes for them.  These digital maps were updated with new data every so often without requiring new purchases (whereas with paper maps, the only way to update them was to buy new ones).  But the map displays and data weren’t very accurate by today’s standards.

As the accuracy and precision of digital maps improved, individuals began to realize that they could use mapping data to better manage their businesses.  Whereas previously, designing geographic territories and plotting locations had to be done by hand on a map, digital maps streamlined these processes.  Mapping technology has helped individuals improve areas of their business impacted by geography, demographics, and locations.


Fast forward to today.  Rather than 8-bit digital maps or inaccurate GPS devices, we have the high quality mapping databases and interactive web applications.

GbBIS offers the most accurate maps, databases, and web applications to help you better manage your business.  With our advanced technology, you can more efficiently target direct mail, design sales territories, GeoCode locations, and much more.


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Image 1 via gbbis.com, Image 2 via xerxy.com, Image 3 via plazaautomotive.com, Image 4 via salesterritory.com


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