Location-Based Services Put Businesses on the Map

Sites like Foursquare and Facebook are becoming increasingly popular.  Not just for individuals looking to share things with friends, but for businesses who want to make sure their customers know where they’re located.  Location-based services put businesses on the map, helping customers find and become familiar with store locations.  GbBIS takes a look at the benefits of location-based social media sites, and other steps your business can take to make sure your customers can find you. 


Small businesses have been using location-based social media sites for years to help increase foot traffic and familiarize customers with their locations.  In Starksville, Mississippi, one local coffee shop attests to the power of location.  Shane Reed, owner of the Strange Brew Coffee house, has been using social media sites to help market his store—when customers ‘check in’ on these web sites, they receive a 10% discount.

Reed claims that “you can have a great Twitter account, but if people don’t know where you are located and can’t find you, it’s really not doing you much good.”  Reed saw foot traffic increase after implementing the ‘check in’ discount.

The popularity of smartphones and tablets means customers are constantly connected to social media and to each other, even when they are on the go.  They share their experiences faster and with a greater number of people.  When your business engages in social media, you become visible to an entire network of potential customers.

But, to paraphrase Reed, location is key.  Having millions of followers or friends isn’t valuable if none of them know where your store is.  Often times, it takes the reinforcement of a visual aid—like a map—to bring customers into your location.  An interactive map on your company website that allows customers to find the closest locations to them is an effective method for putting your company ‘on the map.’


Does your business website have a web map?  Is it accessible on smartphones, tablets, and computers?  If you’re looking for the most accurate, cross-platform locator application, consult GbBIS.  Our mobile locator is accessible on smartphones, tablets, and home computers.  The mobile locator is designed to fit your company’s style and corporate identity, and provides the most accurate location map to help customers find you.


Contact GbBIS today and discover how our mobile locator can help put your business on the map. 


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Image 1,5 via gbbis.com, Image 2 blogcdn.com, Image 3 via ww2.hdnux.com, Image 4 via impactlab.net


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