How Businesses Use Traffic Counts

It seems like a simple enough idea: sensors count the cars passing by an area, assigning a number to represent average traffic flow.  Although traffic counting is not a new concept, many businesses still don’t take advantage of (or don’t know) the benefits of using traffic counts data.  Today, GbBIS  shows you the ways that businesses use and benefit from traffic counts. 

Identify the Best Location for Your Business

Before you decide on a new location for your business, check out the traffic counts around your site.  Heavy traffic flow means you will have a large number of customers driving by your location every day.  The more visible your business is, the more successful you will be.  On the other hand, if your new site is located in tumbleweed territory, with hardly any traffic around, you may want to keep searching.

Design Better Delivery Routes

For delivery businesses, punctuality and efficiency are key.  Late deliveries can lead to lost customers and lost sales.  When designing their delivery routes, companies often consult traffic counts data to ensure that their drivers get where they need to be on time.  With traffic counts, you can avoid areas of heavy traffic flow, making your deliveries more efficient.

Analyze How Traffic Growth and Decline Will Affect Your Store

Data providers often offer current traffic data as well as historical information.  This means your business can analyze trends in traffic over time.  Are there more people driving by your location then there used to be?  Are there less?  Accurate traffic data from the past and present can help you make informed business decisions, including better marketing and advertising campaigns.

If you’re looking to take advantage of the benefits of traffic counts, consult GbBIS.  GbBIS offers the most accurate traffic data from MPSI.   These counts include data collected over 1.2 million traffic volume counts at more than 1 million traffic data points, as well as historical traffic information.  Available as data on maps, web applications, reports, and mapping databases, our traffic counts help you manage the impact of traffic on your business.

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