Tips for Designing Efficient Delivery Route

Groceries, medical supplies, flowers; delivery services are the driving force of this nation.  No matter how advanced technology gets, there will always be a need to physically get an object from point A to point B.  If you are considering adding delivery services to your business, take these tips from GbBIS to design the most efficient delivery routes. 


Designing the most efficient delivery route will save you time, fuel, and money.  Follow these tips to plan the best delivery routes.

Get the Contact Info for each stop along your route.  Not just the address, but the name and phone numbers as well.  This way, you can address the proper source with your questions, concerns, and updates.


Analyze Your Itinerary and pay attention to your special instructions.  Make sure you know which stops are the most urgent, which stops require special procedures, and which deliveries need to be made by a certain time.

Analyze the Distance between your stops.  Use a map  showing street networks and roads to “map out” your route.  Verify which stops are closest and farthest away.

Cluster Your Stops Together.  Group together stops that are close in proximity to each other.  This will limit “back tracking,” and will save you time and fuel costs.  Carrier routes (the routes that USPS drivers use to deliver mail) offer great starting points.

Factor in Expected and Unexpected Stops, such as traffic, fuel stops, adverse weather, and more.  With traffic counts data you can choose streets with the least amounts of average traffic flow.

Target Exceptions First, and then deliver to your closest destinations.  Start with those locations that require urgent delivery or time specific deliveries, then move on to delivering to the closest locations.

With the most accurate data and maps, GbBIS helps your business plan the most efficient delivery routes.  We provide maps to help you design your routes, data to help you view traffic information and carrier route boundaries, and much more.

Contact GbBIS today and discover how we can help you plan the best routes for your delivery service

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