Porsche Uses Unusual Approach to Personalize Direct Mail

Porsche’s new direct mail campaign is unusual, if not a little creepy.  The idea behind the direct marketing campaign was “a Porsche is closer than you think.”  GbBIS takes a look at Porsche’s unusual direct mail strategy and how they targeted the right customers for their campaign. 

Usually when a group of people arrive in a wealthy neighborhood and drive off with an expensive car, it’s a cause for alarm.  Not in this case.  Toronto’s Pfaff Automotive has put a clever spin on direct mail, making it into a truly personalized piece of marketing.

Targeting wealthy neighborhoods in the Toronto area, photographer Lowe Roche took one of the dealership’s Porsches and photographed it in front of the driveway of each home.  He printed the photo of the Porsche on the spot, leaving a personalized piece of direct mail at each house.  A Porsche is “closer than you think,” reads the mailer.

Typically, direct mail is about reaching as many people as possible for the lowest cost.  However, this personalized spin may prove to be an effective campaign.  Rather than targeting the most amounts of people, this particular dealership decided to focus on those most likely to buy their product: wealthy neighborhoods.  We’ll see if the campaign sends residents of this Toronto neighborhood running to buy a Porsche.

A well targeted market helps you in many areas of your business: more effective direct mail, more focused advertising, and greater sales.  GbBIS can help you target your market.  Whether you are targeting wealthy neighborhoods, or the most populated sections of metro areas, GbBIS has the demographic data to help you make better business decisions.

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Image 1 via gbbis.com, Image 2 via adweek.com, Video via adweek.com, Image 3 via chatsworthproject.ca

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