How Crime Affects Delivery Routes

When creating the most efficient delivery routes, speed and traffic aren’t the only factors to consider.  Safety plays a big part too.  Crime affects not only your customers, but your employees, your products, and your services as well.  GbBIS takes a look at how crime can affect delivery routes, and what businesses can do to better prepare themselves.   

A pizza delivery car was recently stolen in Indianapolis.  As the two drivers were recovering, they told police officers their story.  Apparently, as one of the drivers went up to a house to deliver a pizza around midnight, he was threatened by two assailants who emerged from the house.  The suspects removed cash from the driver, took his cell phone, removed the other delivery person from the car and made off with the car and the cash.  Luckily, both drivers were not seriously injured.

Sadly enough, a similar incident occurred in Oakland County, Michigan around the same time.  A pizza delivery man was attacked by four assailants who made off on foot with over $200 cash.  A K-9 track was unsuccessful in finding the suspects, but luckily, again, the driver was not injured.

Many things go into creating an efficient delivery service.  Your employees, drivers, trucks, cars, and products all represent a substantial part of your business investment.  Crime affects each of these areas and hinders your operations.  A lack of safety in any area of your business can be a threat to your entire operation.  However, ensuring that your products, employees, and vehicles are safe instills confidence in your business and services.

With Crime Risk data from GbBIS, you can make sure that your drivers stay safe.  Crime Risk data allows you to view crime variables in your neighborhood, identify areas of high crime along your delivery routes, and much more.  With Crime Risk, your drivers can avoid locations with high amounts of crime and create safer delivery routes.  Available as data on maps, reports, web applications, or as databases, GbBIS Crime Risk data helps you protect your business.


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